Issue 1: Interface Nostalgia


Interface Nostalgia is a love letter to old-school interfaces that most contemporary designers would find dated, unattractive, or just plain ugly. Both I and the personal computer grew up through the era when these aggressively accessible interfaces were commonplace. Early on, it was a time of medium grey and minimal animations across desktops everywhere, but as the late 90's progressed into the early 2000's, the cacophonous rise of skeumorphic, skinned interfaces and applications ushered in a decade of bright colors, strained metaphors, and the opportunity for extreme personalization of your computing experience. The computer was truly personal and the interfaces and colors you chose were a reflection of who you were, not some bland, minimalist to the point of being questionably functional, flat expanse that a corporate marketing department had decided would result in the most engagement with their product.

Come take a brief moment to celebrate with me the wild west of personal computing; a time when the computer was not just a tool, but an extension of one's self, and hopefully be inspired to breathe more character and personality into your own interfaces.


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